MyHJexperience 2020: Take Official Hungry Jack’s Survey

Have you heard of Hungry Jack’s fast food company? Everyone is familiar with Burger King’s fast-food chain right? Well, you should know that Hungry Jack was Burger King before it settled for that name. And they have a survey called MyHJexperience, which you can get free burgers.

Doubtful? Find out how!

About Hungry Jacks

When Burger King was opening restaurants all around the world, they found something in Australia – a small scale owned burger company had already taken the name “Burger King”. Burger King being a large scale company had already owned a lot of national and international trademarks, so they shifted through their already set up trademarks to get the best name for their Australia outlets.

Thus, they settled on the name “Hungry Jack”. Well, Hungry Jack is for the Pillsbury pancake mix, because they own a company named Pillsbury.

Moreover, a fun fact to know is that they also added: “an apostrophe” to give it a possessive style. Later, it was finalized that Burger King’s original name would be Jack as well as it is. Another fun fact will be: in the US and also in the other places of the world, the Hungry Jack fast-food chain is known the name – Burger King. They have an online survey under the name of MyHJexperience.

But you should know that in Australia, the same fast-food chain has its customer experience survey under the name my MyHJexperience and manages separately.

How To Take Hungry Jack’s Survey?

Make a purchase at a Hungry Jack’s like a regular and win a chance to get a free burger as your prize to participate in customer experience surveys. This is the easiest way to avail the benefits out of your favorite fast-food chain process doesn’t take much time.

What are you waiting for? Fill out the MyHJexperience survey now! Just follow the steps now to participate in the survey:

1. The first step to participate in Hungry Jack customer service will be for you to purchase from any of their food outlets in your city.

2. The foremost thing that you have to do after your purchase at the store will be to preserve the receipt from the purchase because your receipt has the code which will act as your key to enter this survey.

3. Now you need to visit the official website of Hungry Jack customer survey, so that you can participate. Remember – this participation is online and you need to have an active internet connection on your device. A laptop is recommended but a smartphone will also work, but should have an active internet connection.

4. As you enter the survey as a participant, you need to select the language from the bar where you will find several languages. You can take the survey in any language you are comfortable with. Be it your native language or a language that you are fluent in. So after selecting the language, the page will direct you to the questionnaire in your preferred language.

5. Now you have to enter the survey code that you find on the receipt from your purchase at the Hungry Jack. now after entering the survey code you have to input the date and time from the visit that you made to the store. Remember- not the time at which you are filling this form but the time of your visit to the store.

6. In this step you have to provide ratings to the questions that are mentioned in the survey. Please note that it is a customer experience service so you have to be honest while filling out this survey and an honest opinion matters to the company.

7. this is the last step in filling out the customer experience survey in this step you have to give your details in the form where you provide your name, active email id, and a valid phone number. Please make sure to enter these personal details correctly because this is the only way the company will contact you if you win.

8. After filling out the form and you are done, you will get a coupon code at the end of the server.

Rules For MyHJexperience Survey

Here are several guidelines to follow up if you wish to participate in the online survey.

  • A purchase at a Hungry Jack is mandatory.
  • You must save your purchase receipt to participate in the survey online.
  • The receipt code has to be used within 30 days of taking the online customer survey.
  • A participant is offered one offer per person per visit at the store.
  • The free coupons and offers can’t be combined with other offers to make a purchase.


The Hungry Jack company wants to encourage its customer to participate in the customer feedback or MyHJexperience survey for their growth and lets you avail of the free burgers they are giving out. Isn’t this exciting?

Well this shouldn’t be a problem in any way because filling out a customer survey form is the easiest thing we can do to get some good free burgers out of. Yes, you should participate in this survey right away.


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