Panda Express Survey: Customer Satisfaction Feedback

Times may have changed but what hasn’t changed is the love we hold for a good feast. And the last decade has seen a rise in the profits of the food industry. It is because companies are able to discover the arising wants and needs of the customers. And have made efforts to fulfill them. Now, the information about the customers can be obtained through various means. But so far only a survey has proved to be the most feasible solution. And one such survey that I want to discuss in this article is the Panda Express Survey. If you wish to obtain more information make sure to continue reading.

PANDA Express Restaurant

Before we rush off to the Panda Express Survey, I think it would be best if I gave you some basic information about Panda Express. For most Chinese cuisine lovers Panda Express is a haven. It serves some of the best dishes of Chinese cuisine. And let me tell you the food is simply lip-smacking. Panda Express is one of the largest Asian restaurant chains in the USA. Established in 1983 in California, it has been successful in spreading its roots all over the world. And currently holds more than 2000 locations to its name.

Moreover, the very popular K-pop group BTS has reportedly exclaimed that they especially love the food served at Panda Express. And they have even become fully paid members of the restaurant. Most customers are quite fond of the food served here. And I suggest you have a meal here if you haven’t till now.

PANDA Express Survey – Customer Satisfaction Feedback

Now that you know a little about Panda Express I guess it would be easier to understand the survey it has started. Panda Express Survey is a medium which the company can get to know the views their customers hold of them. They wish to know the experience a customer has in their restaurant. The feedback is a vital piece of information that can help them shape the future of their organization.

This feedback will help them understand the change in trends in the market. And improve their products and services. Not only that they wish to improve their relationship with the customers. And this is also one of the reasons for launching this campaign. Believe me when I say that this survey is far from being a hoax.

Why Should You Fill This Survey?

This is the most valid question that pops in our minds while we make a decision regarding any survey. It is a fact that most people do not do anything for free. Well luckily for them there are certain perks if one fills this survey. The first of them is a free valid coupon from Panda express that will provide you a free meal when you next redeem the coupon.

This survey doesn’t take more than mere minutes to be filled which means you would not have to waste time on a survey to earn the free coupon. Moreover, the purpose of this survey is to know about the customer’s happiness and ease. Therefore this is the perfect platform to lodge any complaint you might have against the restaurant.

Rules Of The Panda Express Survey

Now, not everyone can fill out the Panda Express Survey. To make sure that only the customers of Panda Express are able to fill this survey they have a set of rules and regulations. Listed below are the terms and conditions regarding this survey, that I suggest you read before filling this survey.

  1. The one participating in this survey must at least be age 18 or above.
    18 to enter
  2. A recent purchase made from any of the Panda Express restaurants is a must.
  3. The purchase receipt expires after 2 days.
  4. The purchase receipt can only be used once.

  1. Basic knowledge of the English Language is a must.
  2. Employees, staff, associates, etc. of the Panda Express company and their immediate family are not eligible for this survey.

Instructions To Fill The Panda Express Survey

Since you have made yourself familiar with the terms and conditions of the Panda Express Survey, all that is left is filling it. Listed below are specific instructions to help you fill this survey successfully.

  • To fill this survey you will need a proper device like a smartphone or laptop.
  • Make sure to have a strong and stable internet connection while filling this survey.

  • Keep the receipt with you while filling this survey.

  • Go to the official site of the survey:
  • Enter the store number and date and time of the visit. All this information is already printed on your purchase receipt all you need to do is copy it.

  • Now, you need to answer all the questions present in the survey and rate the experience you had at the restaurant. Make sure to provide honest feedback.

  • As soon as you submit the survey you will be provided with a free coupon that you can redeem the next time you visit the Panda Express restaurant.


I hope all the explanations provided regarding this survey were able to help you out. And if in future you have any kind of issue in regards to the survey, you can freely contact Panda Express. They are happy to help and assist you in all the ways they can.


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