Take Chipotle Feedback Survey & Win Free Burritos for a Year

The times have changed but what hasn’t changed is the fact that customers still dominate the market. Companies from all over the world make sure they fulfill the wishes of their customers in hopes of sustaining themselves. This is but a common occurrence in the food industry. And one of the prime examples of the companies that worry a great deal about the welfare of their customers is the Chipotle Restaurant. There are not many people who can deny having a meal at this restaurant. Undoubtedly famous for its burritos, Chipotle has made it clear that it isn’t just worried about its sales. It did so starting the survey called Chipotle Feedback. And I am going to talk about chipotlefeedback.com survey in great detail in this article.

About Chipotle Mexican Grill

Before we jump up to the topic of the survey. I think it would be wise to discuss a bit about the restaurant that conducts this specific survey. Chipotle Mexican Grill or simply Chipotle is one of America’s earliest chains of fast-food restaurants. Established back in the year 1993 Steve Ells soon gained recognition and within 5 years they managed to open up 16 locations of their own. It was McDonald’s that became the restaurant’s major investor. And now after 26 years, the restaurant is spread all over the world with more than 2000 locations to its name.

Moreover, the food served in this restaurant is absolutely delicious and affordable for the common folks. They made it big with the help of the great taste of their food and their marketing strategies. And here you can have the taste of the authentic Mexican food with other dishes as well.

What is Chipotle Feedback Survey?

Now that I have managed to bore you with the details of the restaurant I think its high time we move on to the topic of the survey. Chipotle is a restaurant that has been in the food industry for more than two decades. So it is a given that they highly value their customers. And to them, the opinions of their customers can be the cause of a change. Therefore they decided to start the initiative known as the Chipotle Feedback.

With the help of this feedback, they will be able to know the thoughts of their customers. And their next steps would be to build a better marketing strategy and gain a competitive advantage over their customers. Not only that but this survey is a great method which they can get hold of the new market trends and fashion. And the cost spent on this survey would be less than any other endeavor they undertake.

Why Should You Give This Survey?

Yes, this question certainly arises in or minds. And the answer to this question is really simple. Firstly if you give this survey you may win the prize of having free burritos from Chipotle for a year. You heard me correct free burritos for a full year if you submit a mere survey. Moreover, it won’t take more than 5 minutes to fill this survey form. And all the changes made in the restaurant after this initiative would directly affect you, that is the customers.


Every survey operates on a set of rules and regulations and the Chipotle Feedback Survey is no different than them. It has a set of its own rules that makes a person eligible to give this survey. Listed below are the rules that I keep referring too.

  1. The person filling up the survey must at least be age 13 or above.
  2. This survey is only eligible for the legal residents of the United States, Canada, and the District of Columbia.
  3. All those people who are participating in this survey and are minors in their respective countries must have permission from their parents/guardians to fill this survey.
  4. Employees, associates, partners, investors, etc. of the Chipotle Restaurant and their immediate families are not eligible to fill this survey.
  5. A purchase receipt from the restaurant is necessary in order to fill the survey form.
  6. To fill this survey knowledge on either of the languages is a must: English, Spanish.

How To Fill Chipotle Feedback Survey?

Since we’ve cleared out the rules of this survey, let’s move on to the topic of how to fill this survey. Listed below are steps to fill up the survey.

  • You need to have a strong and stable network when you are filling up the survey.
  • Make sure you have a proper device like a PC, smartphone, or laptop to fill this survey.
  • Go to the Official Survey Site here: https://chipotlefeedback.com/
  • Once you open up the sites change the language settings to the language you are comfortable in.
  • Click on the option that you have

  • Next, fill in the survey code printed on your purchase receipt.
  • Click on the ‘Begin Survey’ option and start the survey.

  • Next, you need to answer all the questions asked in the survey and I urge you, people, to provide an honest review.
  • After answering all the questions you can simply click on the given option and enter the sweepstakes and you would need to provide some basic details of yours.
  • Exit the survey and now you have a chance at winning free burritos for a year.


I hope my article was worth your time and I was able to expel all your doubts regarding this survey. The Chipotle Feedback survey is a good initiative taken the Chipotle Restaurant and definitely worth your while.


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