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MyBKExperiencesurvey is the name of the Burger King Experience survey. This is a company satisfaction survey which allows the customers to express their opinion/ share their experiences and help the company in one way or the other to improve its ongoing services.

We understand how boring surveys can be but it wouldn’t hurt to fill up a few questions to get rewarded. Would it? You should know that participation in the MyBKexperience survey takes only a few minutes. It’s mandatory to retain your Burger King receipt, that’s it. And in return, the company outlets offer you a coupon code which has to be redeemed on your next visit to any of the outlets. Thus, you get rewarded.

What Is The MyBKexperience Survey?

Burger King takes into account all the opinions and needs of their customers mainly through feedback which is found on http://www.mybkexperience.com.

This is a survey website owned Burger King, a prominent fast-food chain that specializes in offering fast food meals at reasonable prices.

This fast-food giant has now immensely expanded its outlets to more than 11,000 all around the world. It’s impressive to see how Burger King’s menu took a toll from a generic menu giving/ takeaway of burgers, french fries, soft drinks, and milkshakes to a broader and varied set of fast foods and beverages.

MyBKexperience is a portal to give its customers some opportunity to express themselves and earn a reward in return. Thus, customers just have to provide the basic data in the survey form such as the date & time of their visit and the store number.

Earn Rewards with Burger King

You just have spare a few minutes to answer the survey questions and keep in mind to fill up the survey questions honestly. Yes, you will surely have fun answering the survey questions and also, don’t forget that you’re doing it for some free reward points, or the free burgers/ sandwiches which you have to use on your next visit to Burger King.

Take MyBKexperience Survey Now

  1. To access the Burger King Survey website, you must visit MyBKexperience site at http://www.mybkexperience.com.You can do it either from your laptop or smartphone. The default language set for the survey portal MyBKExperience is English. If you want to access in other languages such as French and Spanish, they are available on the portal.
  2. Now input the restaurant number that you see on your receipt from the store. Click on NEXT.
  3. Then you are required to give out an honest review and feedback based on your last visit to the Burger King store. Don’t forget that it’s based on this survey that you will be eligible to avail of the free voucher coupon.

How to Redeem Rewards?

You can redeem your rewards after completion of your survey on your next purchase at Burger King.

For your easiness, we’ve collected some of the questions that are asked in the MyBKexperience survey. After going through these questions, you will get an idea of how to fill up the survey. Knowing the questions beforehand is always helpful. You can now prepare your answers and fill them accordingly.

So the questions asked in Burger King Survey i.e MyBKexperience survey are of the type where they ask you about the taste of the food you ordered, about the overall satisfaction, the cleanliness of the outlet you visited, asking you how frequently you visit the Burger King outlet for fast foods, the amount of time taken the staff to deliver your order, about the overall satisfaction & your experience at the outlet, comments on the food rates and asking about the behavior of the staff at that respective outlet.
The full completion & submission of the MyBKexperience survey will only result in rewards.

MyBKexperience Survey Rules To Follow

All you need to do is to just take hold of a few moments to get familiar with the terms & conditions that have been put forward Burger King before you enter into the customer survey. Don’t worry, it is not lengthy, just a few points to keep in mind. However, it is important for you, as a customer, to know that Burger King asks only its regular customers to meet such least conditions to participate in this customer survey. The conditions are as follows:

  • Burger King regular customers can only participate in 5 surveys per month, one store each time.
  • The customer must redeem their voucher code within 30 days (only) of their participation in the customer survey. The customers should know that an extension is strictly unallowed.
  • The customer participating in the customer survey must only be a resident of the USA or Canada.
  • The customer participating in the customer survey needs to be 15 years old or above.
  • To register & further purposes, the customer participating in the customer survey must use the latest week’s valid receipts.
  • The customer participating in the customer survey shouldn’t have worked for Burger King in the record of the present.
  • It is important to know that MyBKexperience can anytime suspend the customer’s coupon without proposing any clarifications.

Customer Service At Burger King

When you get unable to access the official Burger King’s website, then you need to make sure if you are connected to a working internet connection. If you are, you can try to clear your browser cookies. In case it doesn’t work, then please don’t be reluctant to contact the company customer service center on this toll-free number:  1866-394-2493 You can reach this number anytime between 7 a.m to midnight.


MyBKexperience is a portal to give its customers some opportunity to express themselves and earn a reward in return. Thus, customers just have to provide the basic data in the survey form such as the date & time of their visit and the store number. That’s it!


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