GuestObsessed: Checker’s Rally’s Survey for Free Sandwiches

Most of us crave food when we’re doing long drives. And one of the most famous drive-thru for many people in the US is Checkers Rally. The food here is obviously fulfilling and It’s usually the most go-to destination when we are in a rush. It is an obvious conclusion that this chain of restaurants has the best interests of their patrons in mind. That is probably their reason for starting a survey known as GuestObsessed.

Of course, everything needs to change after a period of time. And these changes are brought various factors like changing lifestyles, trends, fashion, etc. To know what factors affect their customer’s Checkers Rally’s decided to launch such an initiative. And in this article, I am going all about this particular survey in complete detail.

About Checkers & Rally’s Drive-in

I would love to jump straight to the topic of the survey. But it would think it would be better if you know a little about the company that started this campaign. There are not many people in the US who are unaware of who the Checkers are. But for those who might be ignorant about its background let me give you a little flashback. Checkers and Rally can be considered as one of the largest double drive-thru restaurants in the US. Established in 1999 this restaurant now owns more than 900 locations to its name.

It spread out in the whole of the USA and it’s spreading its wings to other places as well. Not only that the food that one consumes here is delicious. Here you can order its famous burger, wings, various types of shakes, and a lot more.

What Is The GuestObsessed Survey?

Now that you know a little about the background of Checkers I can discuss the contents of its survey which I sure interest you. Surveys far are the most convenient method of knowing the opinions of the customers. And that is probably the reason Checkers has adopted this method. One can’t argue with the fact that they are striving to build an even better figure of themselves. Feedbacks are their way of ensuring that the change they bring will make their customers happy. GuestObsessed survey that they are conducting will help them make their food and services even better than before.

Also, they would have a general idea if their customers are facing problems. Moreover, it is a good way for them build a relationship with their customers. According to me in no way is this survey a hoax. And Checkers genuinely crave feedbacks from their customers.

Why Should You Fill The GuestObsessed Survey?

We all think of our benefits because that is human nature. And there are indeed several reasons why you should fill this form. One of them being that whatever changes are brought forward will affect you as the customer. Hence, I think you should at least give your input.

Secondly, this survey is also giving a free coupon to whoever that fills it. Now we all are quite aware that free food is always a good motivation to do any work. Lastly, the survey takes mere minutes to be filled, so you wouldn’t have to wait for hours to get your prize.

Rules Of The Checkers Feedback Survey

Of course, like every other survey, the GuestObessed survey also has a set of rules and regulations that one needs to follow in order to be eligible. Listed below are the rules for this survey. Go through them before you fill the GuestObsessed survey.

  1. The one filling the survey must be at least age 18 or above to be eligible for this survey.
  2. Only the legal residents of the US and the District of Columbia are eligible for this survey.
  3. Employees, investors, associates, etc. of the Checkers and Rally restaurant and their immediate family are not eligible for this survey.
  4. The one filling this survey must possess knowledge of the English Language.
  5. A recent purchase receipt from the Checkers restaurant is required to be eligible for this survey.
  6. Only one person per receipt is allowed in this survey.
  7. You need to redeem the validation coupon within 30 days.

How To Fill The Guestobessed Survey?

Since you are now familiar with all the general rules for this survey, have a look at the steps required to complete this survey. Listed below are all the steps you would need to fill this survey.

  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection and a proper device with you before you start the survey.
  • Go to the official site of the survey – GuestObessed Survey

  • Now you need to fill in the store number, date of the visit, and the survey code in the survey form. All this information is already present on your purchase receipt all you need is to enter them in the survey.

  • After filling all of the asked details click on the ‘start’ option and then answer all the questions asked in the survey. Give your honest feedback and ratings in the surveys.
  • Next, you need to fill in your personal details asked in the survey like your full name, address, phone number, etc.

  • Now exit the survey once you have filled in all the details. And then after exiting the survey you will get your validation code that you can redeem the next time you visit the Checker’s Restaurant.


This is all the information that I could provide you on the GuestObessed Survey. And I hope I was able to clear all the doubts regarding this survey.

Let us know how was your experience with the survey and if you were able to win any sandwich coupons.


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