GCListens: Take Golden Corral Survey to Win $1000

Who in this era isn’t a fan of delicious mouth-watering dishes? No one in their right mind would deny that they want to have food. Now, if I say that the food is from Golden Corral then it’s a definite yes. Everyone who has a hearty appetite may visit this restaurant to have a taste of homemade buffet. Not only that their customer get to voice their own opinions filling out a simple survey. And I am here for the sole purpose of explaining to you in detail about the GCListens survey.

Golden Corral – America’s #1 Buffet & Grill

Before I give you a thorough description of the GCListens I would like to first tell you a bit more about the place known as Golden Corral. Started in 1973 this family-friendly restaurant now has more than 50 years under its belt. With more than 400 restaurants that offer delicious buffet meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner it quickly became a favorite amongst people.

Not only that at Golden Corral there is hardly any service that isn’t provided. From hosting private parties to having a takeout this restaurant serves everything. Moreover, peeps, you get to have all this at a reasonable price. And they truly have a golden heart for their contributions to the US Military members. They have raised more than $14 Million for Disabled Military Veterans. Their efforts are truly commendable.

Let’s Talk About GCListens Survey

Now coming to the topic at hand that is the GC Customer satisfaction survey. And please believe my words that GCListens survey is in no way a farce. The people at Golden Corral truly value all your suggestions and take account of the feedback you provide. All restaurants need to have a good marketing strategy to maintain their status quo. And Golden Corral is no different in these terms.

To get the proper knowledge of the latest trends and tastes of the food that people prefer. Of course, what better way of knowing what the customers need than from their mouths. Help Golden Corral in knowing what you like and how to make the services that they provide better.

Why Should You Take GCListens Survey?

The GCListens survey will help your favorite restaurant in making their services and food better. Moreover, this survey takes no more than several minutes to be filled. And this survey will also give you an equal chance of winning one of the prizes issued Golden Corral. By taking the survey you have a chance of winning $1000 daily and $1500 on weekends.

Rules and Regulations Of The GCListens Survey

Every survey holds a set of rules that you need to adhere too and the rules to this survey are listed below for you to have a look at.

  1. The ones taking the GCListens survey should be at least age 18 or above.
  2. The employees of Golden Corral are not allowed to fill out this form.
  3. You shouldn’t be associated with the employee with the Golden Corral only then you are eligible to fill out the survey.
  4. Purchase is necessary to fill out the survey form.
  5. You should have the bill receipt of the recent purchase.
  6. The ones eligible to fill out the form must be a legal resident of either the US, the Republic of Korea, Puerto Rico, Germany, Canada, Denmark, Honduras, or the Republic of Ireland.
  7. You should either know English or Spanish to become eligible to fill out the survey form.
  8. Every participant is allowed to enter the survey once a week.

How To Take The GCListens Survey?

Since I’ve listed all the rules that one needs to follow to conduct the survey. I guess I should also list the steps needed to be taken to complete the survey.

  1. Make sure you have a good internet connection before taking this survey.
  2. Make sure you have the bill of your recent purchase with the 14-digit survey code printed on it.
  3. Go to the official survey website – GCListens Guest Satisfaction Survey.
  4. Choose the language you prefer – English or Spanish.
  5. Fill out the 14-digit survey code printed on your bill.
  6. Now next you need to fill out the details like your address, contact number, and the date & time you visited the restaurant.
  7. Now you can proceed and fill out all the questions asked in the survey and provide the feedback based on your latest visit to the said restaurant.
  8. After you fill out all the asked questions you can simply click on “submit” and end the survey.


The food that we spend money on should always be up to our expectations. And Golden Corral helps you achieve that taking into consideration your opinions on their food and services that they provide. Obviously that is not all you get to have a chance at the prizes as well. So I guess that taking this survey is a pretty good deal!


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